vendredi 10 février 2017

TV Series.

HELLO, it's me. I was just thinking about what I was going to write about(I just wanted to write it like that -sorry-). And, after a long time of reflection (because I wasn't inspired by the two suggestion), I finally decided to write about TV series.
Well, I personally would prefer to write about movies or animes because I just don't watch a whole serie from it beginning to it end. I always miss some episodes and that irritates me a lot. However, I will try to speak about some TV series I like even if I didn't see all their episodes.
The first is a police serie called "Hawaii 5-0": It tells the story of Steve McGarret who went to the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Archipelago to find more informations about his father's assassination. And when he arrived to the island, the state governor persuaded him to stay and form a special police unit to fight crimes in hawaii ...
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The second one is a very well known TV serie : "Grey's Anatomy". It shows the story of a medical team from a fictional hospital in Seattle: the Seattle Grace Hospital...
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The third one is very famous too and had a big success : " House"(my first inspiration, I just love this guy).  It speaks about a misanthropic doctor who  heads a team of "diagnosticians" at a fictional hospital named the Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital in New Jersey...
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The last one is a Turkish TV serie called "Karagul". It is about a woman who will have to go to her husband's mother's house after his death. She will discover that the business of her husband is heading for bunkruptcy and that he had an  other wife and an other son with this first wife... And she will have many problems, and we will discover that the first son isn't the son of the first wife, and..., and..., and... (It's a very complecated story).
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     This are the four series that I like most even if I didn't watch everything of it. Personally, the one I prefer is the Turkish one because first it shows how the turkish society is, because it's a complecated story and I like complicated stories (I know that there is no logic for that -sorry-), and also because It's the last one I watched (the story is still fresh in my memory).
I will be glad to know what do you think about series.