vendredi 1 avril 2016

How do you think the future will be ?

   People can see the future into different ways; it depends on the point of view of each person. We can be optimistic or pessimistic about the world’s future.

 Personally, I’m optimistic about it because, I think that in the future, technology will be even more developed. I hope that scientists and doctors will be able to cure diseases and illnesses that can’t be cured now. And I wish that there will be no wars and no poverty. But the high technology that we will have in the future will make the communication with others more complicated. In my opinion we have to control more the use of this technology in our lives otherwise we will lose contact with the outside world and won’t be that good for the society. And another worrying thing concerning wars is that they continue to exist even in the future.

 Contrary to many people’s way of thinking, I personally think that in the future we will be victims of a third world war if today’s crises such as terrorism don’t stop.   

El Bazi Sisi.

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